Food & Sustainability


What makes Red Hot really special isn’t just the amazing live music, incredible DJs, or dance after fantastic dance. It’s the FOOD! Instead of dance competitions, we have culinary ones! We’ll also be feeding you plenty throughout the weekend.

Food Competitions

Instead of dance competitions, we have culinary ones! We’re bringing back our classic BBQ competition, and our very popular desert competition! Sign up with registration!

Zero Waste Event

Red Hot Blues ‘n BBQ is committed to sustainability, and reducing waste.

In 2016, Capital Blues took a big step to reduce the environmental footprint of Red Hot Blues & BBQ. Through a brand-new composting effort, along with recycling, we were able to divert over 80% of waste from the event from landfills. In 2017, by making sure all materials provided were compostable or recyclable, we were able to do even better, diverting over 95% of the waste from the event, and generating over 250 pounds of compost!

All plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery will be compostable. Please place your waste in the compost or recycling as applicable, and use trash cans as a last resort. Thanks!