Workshop Schedule

So this workshop schedule could change, but this is what we are planning on. We will be sending out a survey for levels very soon, but only students wishing to participate in the Advanced track will be required to audition.

Auditions will be happening Friday immediately following the main dance at Glen Echo at 12am sharp. If you absolutely cannot make that time, then 11:15am is your last chance.

Intensives are going to be a mix of principles and are intended to balance out from one day to the next. Teachers will choose when the lunch breaks happen.

All of the classes will be held at Glen Echo Park, which is located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812. The rooms are at the top of each column, and the check-in table will be in the ballroom.

(descriptions are at the bottom of the page)

Saturday Afternoon
Time 202/203 Ballroom Back Room 301
11:00am Move It Like You Mean It
with Nicole & Kelly
(All Levels)
Spectacular Spines
with Ruth
(All Levels)
11:15am Auditions for those who missed Friday Night
12:15pm Advanced Intensive – Magic Sauce
with Mike & Ruth
Int. Intensive – Dynamic Range: Maximizing Contrast in Your Blues
with Mary
Int. Intensive – Solo Dance Like a Tiger
with Rachel & Shawn
3:30pm Practice Room
5:00pm Diptastic
with Mary
Rhythm & Moves
with Julie
Blues Music History
with Joe
6:15pm Solo Prelims
Advanced J & J Prelims
Sunday Afternoon
Time 202/203 Bumper Car Pavilion Back Room Ballroom
11:00am Foot Feats
with Ruth Evelyn
(All Levels)
What’s the Point of Balance?
with Nicole & Kelly
(All Levels)
11:15am Auditions for those who missed Friday Night
12:15pm Practice Room Adv. Intensive – All the Fun Stuff
with Shawn & Julie
Int. Intensive – Be(at) Yourself
with Ruth & Mike
Int. Intensive – 
with Rachel & Joe
1:45pm Int. Intensive – Taking Risks, Creating Moments, and Messing Up
with Rachel & Joe
5:00pm Everyone Loves Micro
with Mary 
Flashy Moves & Blaerials
with Julie & Joe
Feedback / Practica
6:15pm Intermediate Jack & Jill Prelims
Intermediate Jack & Jill Finals



All the Fun Stuff Building on the material from Saturday’s intensive, we will continue to blow your minds with amazing exercises to make your dancing feel incredibly connected, responsive, musical, and all the incgredients you need to have the most magical dances–both partners contribute ideas insprired by each other, which are wonderfully musical, and all integrated seamlessly with leading & following.
Be(at) Yourself Level up your dancing for competition, performance, and the social floor. Ruth and Mike will share many of their best tips, insights, and exercises for partnered competition, choreography, and structuring your dance. They routinely have long lines of people asking them for feedback after judging competitions. This intensive will let you skip to the front of the line.
Blues Music History Take a journey through the history of Blues music. Understand key elements and traits that define different genres of Blues, what makes you want to dance differently, influential artists in each genre, and the history the music reflects.
Diptastic Love to dip? Want to love to dip but actually find it kind of scary/intimidating? This class will start with the simplest dip and show you how, with the proper technique, any two people can dip safely and look great doing it.
Dynamic Range: Maximizing Contrast in Your Blues It’s there if you look for it: the tiny whisper of subtlety, the explosion of speed and power, the sudden brake, freezing everything but your pounding heart. Blues offers us the opportunity to use a huge range of movement and rhythm in our dance, and this intensive will be about pushing ourselves away from monotony and into the contrasts that make a dance go from good to amazing.
Everyone Loves Micro Microblues is just for you and the person you’re dancing with. It’s taking all the amazing things you hear in the music and whispering them like secrets back and forth between the two of you. And, it gives you killer lead/follow skills.
Flashy Moves & Blaerials Blaerial: the fusion of the two greatest inventions on the history of this earth: Blues and aerials. Add some extra flare to your partnered blues, with some dips, tricks, and other flashy moves. *Partner required
Foot Feats Your feet connect to the floor, starting the movements that make dancing awesome. About a quarter of your bones are in your feet, making them capable of amazing feats. Using Franklin Method and other movement disciplines, we’ll look at how to make your feet more stable for great balance, and more articulate, for powerful steps. Come make your blues more awesome through greater understanding of your feet. Please wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to take off your shoes.
Magic Sauce Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how all of their movements look so good? Ruth and Mike will delve into how you too can have that magic in your dance. You’ll increase your connection to yourself, the floor, your partner, and the music.
Move It Like You Mean It This class is all about moving with confidence, leads and follows, in order to create a clear conversation (dance) with your partner. In this class we will explore the boundaries of silliness to show you that it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Leads will work on reducing the “noise” in their connection and remove false leads, while follows will work on committing to the movements they’re led in without timidity or uncertainty.
Rhythm & Moves Start or expand your solo blues repetoire! In this class, we’ll learn some new solo blues moves and some cool rhythms & syncopations to use to interact with the music and our solo “partners.”
Spectacular Spines Our spines are capable of fantastic flexibility and articulation. Come get to know your spine. Using Franklin Method and other movement modalities, we’ll kinesthetically explore the spine’s anatomy and movement possibilities. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.
Taking Risks, Creating Moments, and Messing Up The music plays, you ask a partner to dance, and you aspire for excellence. Learning to be present in the partnership allows for both dancers to dance in the moment and contribute to the partner dance experience. Learn with Rachel and Joe as they guide you through a process of composing a dance, creating space, making moments of chill and go, and connecting to the music. Love the dance you’re in.
What’s the Point of Balance? It’s certainly got one, and we’ll help you find it. Learn more about your own body’s balance before we pair you up to learn about your partner’s. Once you understand how to use this, you’ll (literally) be able to go anywhere you want.