Friday night: The Downtown Shimmy

Like their travels, the music of Josh Fialkoff and his blues band, the Downtown Shimmy, roams across the map as well. It’s grounded in the American roots of folk, blues and gospel, but also pulls from the newer traditions leading to funk, R&B, and rock. With Ray Charles as an inspiration, we blend them into a fun, dynamic sound that propels songs with momentum–and feet too if we’re lucky.

Saturday night: Tuba Skinny

Formed in in 2009, Tuba Skinny has steadily evolved from a loose collection of street musicians into a solid ensemble dedicated to bringing the traditional New Orleans sound to audiences around the world. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences—from spirituals to Depression-era blues, from ragtime to traditional jazz—their sound evokes the rich musical heritage of their New Orleans home. The band has gained a loyal following through their distinctive sound, their commitment to reviving long-lost songs, and their barnstorming live performances.

Tuba Skinny is:
Erika Lewis – Vocals
Todd Burdick – Tuba
Jason Lawrence-Guitar
Gregory Sherman-Guitar/Vocals
Shaye Cohn – Cornet
Barnabus Jones – Trombone
Robin Rapuzzi – Washboard
John Doyle – Clarinet

Sunday night: Clarence “The Blues Man” Turner!

An infectious, rhythmic, gritty, and soulful, feeling sparked a fire into Clarence Turner while listening to his father’s collection of LP’s, which included the incomparable Muddy Waters and the legendary Howlin’ Wolf. Every wailing stroke of the guitar spoke to Clarence; and at the age of eight he began a life long love affair with the blues.

It was no question the guitar chose Clarence. Throughout his teenage years, he played his guitar delivering the blues and receiving love from audiences both local and abroad. The blues cannot be truly mastered unless one has experienced life and experienced it hard. Following suit, Clarence disappeared from the music scene in his early twenties. During this time, Clarence experienced the heart and origin of the blues, a strong dose of reality, pure love, painful hardship, and amazing good times.