Bambloozled 2015 Workshop Schedule


Spanish Ballroom Annex (“Back Room”) Arcade Room 202/203
11:00a- 12:00p Nicole & Laney – “Music(ality)” (Level: Int+) Blues music is greatly varied, with many different sounds, ideas, and feelings; this music is at the core of our dance, and it drives, informs, and inspires our ideas and movements. In this class, we will find the feel and flow of the song – learn to dance with the song, not just to it. The natural ups and downs in the music create dynamic range in our dancing, and ensure that we are drawing inspiration from the song itself, not just stringing together rehearsed movements. Be ready to really tune in to the song and learn to let *it* move *you*! Feonix & Clyde – Making Your Connection Yummy
(Level: All) We’ve all had those dances. You know – the one that feels so good you’re practically glowing afterwards? There are real and active things you can do while dancing with anyone to foster that sense of connection and creativity. Come learn what the cake and icing is behind those beautiful feeling dances.
12:15p- 1:30p Ruth & Mike – “Dancing with All Levels”
(Level: All) 
On the social floor, do you find yourself grasping for what to do when dancing with someone who has a different amount of experience from you? We will explore how to bring your best dancing to your partnerships at all levels, from beginner combined with masters, and everywhere in between. In addition to concrete techniques, we’ll explore mentalities and how to have an enjoyable, musical dance with anyone.
Megan & Philippe – “Balance Bootcamp”
(Level: Int+) Balance is your superpower for mastering new movements, transitioning with control, and adding texture and musicality. In this class, Megan and Philippe will present moves designed to challenge your balance, as well as the technique to master them. The takeaway? Skills that can be applied to improve both partnered and solo movement.
1:30p- 2:15p Lunch Break (Advanced Intensive Auditions 1:30-1:45pm in the Ballroom)
2:15p- 5:00p Ruby & Ted – “Frameworks for Tools and Learning (Beginner+ Intensive) How do you learn a new dance? What’s the framework that you hang every piece of new information on? And how do you avoid the pitfalls of being a new practitioner, that slow down your learning process? This seminar, designed for the new movement student will help you adapt your learning style to different educational environments, and create a framework for the dance while practicing new skills and troubleshooting self-limiting habits. Rachel & Tim – “Body Craft” (Intermediate+ Intensive) Posture is the basis of a good connection, and connection is the soul of the Blues. We will be teaching technique while playing a number of really fun games aimed at getting you to listen to your partner and to your own body. Once we find our blues posture, we’ll explore the range of motion in it and along our spine, so we connect without feeling rigid and stiff. Ruth & Mike – “What’s the Point?”
(Advanced Intensive, Audition Required) You have the moves, you have the variations. Basically, you’ve got the stuff. What’s the next level? In this intensive we will ask, “What is the point?” for all of your dancing, bringing focus to what you are highlighting with each choice. Is this moment about your foot rhythms? Your partner’s hips? The stretch dynamic between the two of you? Increase your intentionally and up the clarity of your dancing for both partners and observers.
5:15p- 6:15p Rachel & Tim – “Down in New Orleans”
(Level: Int/Adv) This class is designed to get you ready for the incredible live music you’re about to hear from bamBLOOZled’s Saturday main dance band, Tuba Skinny. We’ll cover contra body movement and how to use it to create strong, balanced manuevering, as well as rotation and momentum. Come prepared to work hard and learn the skill that will add stretch and zip to your blues dancing.
Ruth & Mike – “Bottom To Top”
(Level: All) Deepen your blues aesthetic, improve your movement quality, and boost your partner connection. We will draw from Bartenieff Fundamentals, Franklin Method, and other modalities to strengthen the mental and physical links between your upper and lower body. Your leading and following will feel better, and your dancing will look more complete.
Ruby & Ted – “Emergencies and Evasive Manuevers”
(Level: Int+) Let’s admit it, the dance floor can be a dangerous place, especially at a bar (or even a dance event) where you’re never sure quite how other dancers will move. Learn tools for last minute emergency stops, bailouts, redirections, and Hail Marys to avoid or minimize the severity of collisions, and look cool while you’re at it.


Sunday Workshops

Annex (“Back Room”) Bumper Car Pavilion Arcade Room 202/203
11:00a- 12:00p Ruth & Mike – “Body Care for Blues Dancers” (All) “Ooh, my body is killing me!” is a refrain we often hear at dance events. Using Franklin Method and other modalities, we will focus on some of the most oft-complained-about spots, giving you exercises to keep your body feeling more in tune. Your body will feel better, and it will show in your dancing. Wear comfy clothing that you can sit on the floor in. Megan& John – “Appropriated Flash” (Int-Adv) Inspiration for blues can come from many different sources. When we combine new movements with the blues aesthetic, we can create novel and interesting shine. In this class, we’ll teach one of John’s favorite appropriated moves with some fun new variations and exits. Practice Room
12:15p- 1:30p Rachel & Tim – “Momentum” (Int+) Just like in Lindy, Blues uses momentum and connection to create dynamic moves that can’t be done without a partner. This class begins with shared momentum and then shows how both the lead and the follow can introduce it into the dance for their partner to use. Lindy skills are helpful, but these moves are uniquely Blues. Ruby & Ted – “The Gift of Limitations” (All) Some of the greatest artists develop new techniques and styles because of personal or physical limitations. Django Reinhardt revolutionized jazz guitar despite paralysis in two fingers. Christy Brown built a painting career despite having function in only his left foot. In this class we will temporarily remove access to some of your skills to help you discover and strengthen your abilities with others. Break old habits, build new patterns and dive directly into high-level techniques without drawn out explanations or time-intensive drills. This is a path to building strengths from whatever limitations you might currently experience, and a shortcut to a creative renaissance in your dance life. Practice Room
1:30p- 2:15p Lunch Break
2:15p- 3:30p
Ruby & Ted – “Advanced Problem Solving” (Int-Adv Intensive)
In this intermediate/advanced level seminar, we’ll offer a set of challenging problems and explore the tools needed to solve them. Whether it’s an eye-catching move, or some subtle connection issues, we’ll transcend the paradigm of static rules and explore the techniques and tools that we use for on-the-fly logistics management in the most artful ways possible.
Rachel & Tim – “Know Your Blues”
(All) In this class we will be getting to know blues music on a more personal basis. We will go over the basic structure of the most common blues formats like 12 bar and 8 bar blues. Start from the very basics of counting beats and then get into the different timings, movements, rhythms, and melodies that make Blues such a wonderfully mixed bag of styles. What to do with all this music? Dance to it obviously!
Nicole & Laney – “I Like to Move It (Move It)”
(Int+We all love to dance – that’s why we’re here! While it’s great to want to do all of the things(!) all of the time(!), that enthusiasm can add to fuzziness to our quality of movement. This class will explore how to make each layer of movement – from the basic steps to the wildest stylings, from your core out to your hips and arms – feel and look intentional. Move it like you mean it!
3:45p- 5:00p Rachel & Tim – Struttin’ (Int+) Struttin’ is a vintage blues dance that works wonderfully to lots of different blues styles and tempos. This simple and connected dance lets you move around the floor, relax into the connection with your partner, and effortlessly dance to even the fastest blues songs. Ruth & Mike – “Dance Pedagogy AVK “Those teachers were ok, but they just kept talking and talking.” How often have you heard that comment? Have you perhaps said it yourself? In this class, we will tackle the topic of teaching using all three learning modes at once- Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic. We’ll address choosing your words beautifully, using exercises to translate concepts into physical movements, and visually modeling ideas clearly.
5:15p- 6:15p Urban Artistry House Class(All Levels) An introductory level class for those who are interested in gaining basic House dance movement vocabulary and understanding. This class is a sampling of the rich cultural histories and movement of the House dance experience. BamBLOOZled participants can expect to learn elements like jacking, footwork, and lofting as expressed in House Dance culture. You can also expect to learn new rhythm and movement systems to enhance your current forms of movement, and ways to incorporate your new House Dance vocabulary! Please bring a towel and wear comfortable shoes. Feedback & Practica Aries – “Body Work & Massage”