Our Staff

Rachel Stirling


Rachel is our Blues Goddess Emeritus and a Lead Organizer for bamBLOOZled 2017. After founding Capital Blues with Mike many moons ago, she moved to the West Coast, from which she sends us vast amounts of organizing knowledge and dance love. She can be found teaching classes, running registration, and herding dancers (it’s like herding cats, which means Rachel is super-skilled).

Boris G.


Boris Glebov is a troublemaker and a fantastic DJ in this fine city of DC. Boris is a Lead Organizer for bamBLOOZled 2017, bringing you the best in musical excellence and organizational brilliance like the rock star he is.

Jonathan “Hendo” Henderson

Hendo is our effervescent Housing & Volunteer Coordinator for bamBLOOZled 2017.   Hendo knows everyone, and is loved by everyone too! He finds snuggly spaces for dancers from all over the country to rest their weary heads and bodies after dancing until they could dance no more.

Kara Fabina

Kara is a former Baltimore resident who still has love for DC and Capital Blues. She is managing Marketing/PR for bamBLOOZled 2017. She is an incredible doer, mover, and shaker whose energy brings the party to any space she enters.

Aries Indenbaum

Photo by Devon Rowland Photography
Photo by Devon Rowland Photography

Aries is our most excellent Emcee for Red Hot 2017. Her dulcet tones, which have guided many dancers through many blues weekends in D.C., will tell you where to go, where to sleep, and when to stop dancing (but just long enough to find out how and where to dance more).

Marshall Douglas

Marshall at Late Night
Photo by Devon Rowland Photography

Marshall Douglas is the Food Coordinator for Bambloozled 2017. A kitchen wizard, he has over a decade of experience in cooking for hundreds of people, proving delicious, healthy food that can suit a diverse range of diets.

Harris Lapiroff


Harris is the Assistant Food Coordinator for Bambloozled 2017. Harris makes sure the food is timely and tasty, and keeps the rest of the food team from going nuts with his inexplicable calm.