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Stacy Brooks Band: Saturday March 28th


Hold on to your pants DC! Stacy Brooks is bringing her band to the Spanish Ballroom for a night of dynamic blues, soul, funk, and feel good jams. Stacy strikes just the right balance between sultry, sweet, soulful and sassy that builds the energy higher with every dance. Check out some of her music right here.
March 28th, 2015  |  $18
Free Beginner Lesson 8-9pm
Dance 9pm – 12am

Red Hot Blues & BBQ 2015 Update

We’re gearing up for a fantastic weekend! Registration will open on March 1 at 3 p.m. ET (or 12 p.m. PST, for all you wonderful West Coasters) and we’ve got three lovely price tiers for you to choose from: $90, $110, and $130.

As we did with BamBLOOZled last year, we will put all of our tiers live at the same time and keep them all open right up until registration closes. We know that your wallets are not filled with limitless money for dancing (sad but true), and we know that for some people, paying for a full dance weekend can be rough. But we want dancing to be a wonderful thing that everyone can enjoy!

So if you have a hard time paying a lot of money for a dance exchange, check out that $90 low-income tier (and stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help cut that cost down even further). There is also a $110 regular tier and a $130 benevolent giver tier. There are caps on the number of peoplewho can register for each tier, so please choose the one that matches the upper level of what you are able to pay for and save the lowest tiers for those who really need it.

Check out the event page here and stay tuned as more info (bands, venues, etc.) will be announced soon. Friends, we can’t wait to eat amazing food and dance with you in deliciously warm weather!


Click here to register!

Confession: I want to write you a letter.

Right now, we do a lot of our publicity and announcements at Back Room Blues and on our local events page on Facebook but we’d rather be a bit more… personal. We’d like to keep you informed of dances and events so you can plan ahead, get early bird discounts, and maybe take the next day off work.

And so we’re asking, most kindly, if you’ll sign up here for this newsletter. We’ll be sending you a letter when we’ve got a band playing at Back Room (Bushmaster! Solomon Douglass! Clarence Turner!) or are opening registration for a big event. No spam, no bullshit. Sign it up right here!

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Like R. Kelly, I will also be sending you a love letter. Otherwise, I am not R. Kelly.

Like R. Kelly, I will also be sending you a love letter. Otherwise, I am not R. Kelly.