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BamBLOOZLed Registration Opens on FRIDAY @ 3:00pm!


"Mary and Alex" - photo credit: Jerry Almonte

Mary and Alex – photo credit: Jerry Almonte

Put your hands together, y’all, and get yourself registered for bamBLOOZled! The registration link will be live, right here, come Friday at 3:00pm. The event is on October 3, 4, and 5th — workshops, live music, late nights, and all the finest jams in the land.

Be there.

Thursday Beginner and Intermediate Series at Glen Echo

They start in September, and soon you can register on Glen Echo Park Partnership for the Arts & Culture’s website.  For now, have a quick read of the workshop descriptions.

Emergence Blues Lessons — Weekly Beginner Series in DC!

We’re starting off a weekly beginner series in DC! It’ll be a chance to build your blues, learn technique, musicality, connection, and all the sweet stuff.

Here’s the details:

When? Wednesdays at 8:00pm!

Where? Emergence Community Arts Collective at 733 Euclid Street NW (right off Georgia Ave, next to Howard University).

How much? $5 (cash only, please)

Other facts:

-  You don’t need to bring a partner.

- Our five dollar entry fee is a part of a Red Hot Blues n BBQ discount- we might be raising it by a few bucks in a month.

- After class, there’s a great dance at Angles Bar in Adams Morgan, so you can practice all your sweet moves and make some new friends.

- The class is a monthly series — in four weeks, you’ll have four different lessons. Classes will build off each other, but feel free to just drop in.

Confession: I want to write you a letter.

Right now, we do a lot of our publicity and announcements at Back Room Blues and on our local events page on Facebook but we’d rather be a bit more… personal. We’d like to keep you informed of dances and events so you can plan ahead, get early bird discounts, and maybe take the next day off work.

And so we’re asking, most kindly, if you’ll sign up here for this newsletter. We’ll be sending you a letter when we’ve got a band playing at Back Room (Bushmaster! Solomon Douglass! Clarence Turner!) or are opening registration for a big event. No spam, no bullshit. Sign it up right here!

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Like R. Kelly, I will also be sending you a love letter. Otherwise, I am not R. Kelly.

Like R. Kelly, I will also be sending you a love letter. Otherwise, I am not R. Kelly.