December Day of Workshops

Capital Blues has prepared an awesome day of workshops with special guest instructors for you, dearest dancers! Flouer Courtney Evelyn from New York City and Philippe Wilson from San Francisco are traveling to this fine district to teach amazing things to you all.

They’re working on some stellar classes, which are listed below for your browsing convenience. Take a couple, take all four, master some dancing skillz, and then bring them to the holiday blues dance party that very night at the Keep! More info about that swell event here on Facebook:

Classes are $15 a la carte. Take three, and get the fourth free for a total of $45 for all day. You can register and pay at the door. No partner is required. Schedule TBA!

Much love,
Capital Blues

Class 1: Rev Your Engine

This class will put a little high octane gas in your car and get you ready for a full day of blues dancing! We will take a thoughtful & creative approach to your solo movement & blues aesthetic, and build vocabulary so you can let loose in next fast blues class.

Class 2: Pedal To The Metal

You are a well-oiled machine, destined for glory on the dance floor. Not only can you dance slow and gritty, but when a fast song comes on you can shift into gear and show them who’s boss! Dust off your fast blues skills with this class on rhythm & connection styles.

Class 3: Build Your Partnering Vocabulary

Build the skills necessary for beautiful & dynamic partnering. We’ll explore our full range of balance, leverage, and compression that will make communicating on the dance floor a breeze. These techniques help you to first ‘pronunciate’ your movements clearly, then we combine them into syllables and words, ultimately expanding your dance vocabulary.

Class 4: In, To, And, Or, The

Transitions, transitions, transitions! By now, you have some pretty sophisticated vocabulary in your arsenal from the previous class. It’s time to start expressing yourself in full sentences & maybe even paragraphs. We’ll talk in depth about how to fit moves together for ultimate blues fluency.